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Ballroom dancewear

Behind the ease and grace of movements in ballroom dancing is the intense and painstaking daily work of the performer and coach. A decisive role in achieving the success of a dancer is played by physical fitness and personal qualities, but external factors are also important, including wardrobe: training and costumes for demonstration performances. When choosing professional dance clothes, you should buy only high-quality items. Properly selected dancer's outfit is as comfortable as possible, does not constrain movements and gives self-confidence.

SHOK-SHOP - the best dancewear online store
In terms of appearance, a dance outfit should not only be beautiful and stylish, but also meet certain tailoring standards. The SHOK-SHOP company offers just such specialized sportswear. Our distinguishing feature is the good quality of goods along with the original design.

An online store for ballroom dancing clothes (Ukraine) presents a collection designed specifically for the convenience of choreography and gymnastics. The catalog of the company is represented by a wide range of products sewn according to individual sketches. Choosing our dancewear, the client will receive excellent quality at a nice price.

The SHOK-SHOP company has been working in the field of tailoring for a long time, has rich experience and a large client base. But he is not going to stop on the way to improvement, investing a part of himself in your success.

Types of clothing for dancing (Ukraine)

The main criterion by which these outfits are divided is the gender and age of the athletes. Accordingly, there is:

child form.

For girls, basics, a swimsuit or tights are mainly offered, complemented by a skirt or tutu. Boys choose comfortable t-shirts, shirts, vests and trousers.

For teenagers and adult dancers, the wardrobe expands significantly. In our online dancewear store you can order:

  • graceful and sexy bodysuits;
  • loose and tight training t-shirts, tops, raglans;
  • beautiful flying skirts;
  • elegant dresses, tunics;
  • comfortable classic trousers;
  • stylish tracksuits, leggings, shorts and cardigans;
  • interesting accessories that successfully complement the main outfit:
  • translucent capes, peplums, headbands and more

A separate category is things for warming up before classes. Their goal is to save body heat during the warm-up, to ensure the safe warming up of muscles and ligaments, eliminating the occurrence of injury and sprains.
Training suits made of natural cotton fabric with the addition of viscose. Material pleasant to the body, well-thought-out stretching seams (due to a special line), comfortable cut that does not constrain movements - our clothes literally fall in love with themselves from the first steps. Bi-stretch fabric does not shrink with frequent washing, retains its color and shape for a long time, and is not covered with spools.

Why is it worth buying ballroom dancewear in the SHOK-SHOP online store? We offer a
stylish, high-quality form for choreography and gymnastics for children and adults, which is tailored according to modern requirements and fashion trends, in the SHOK-SHOP online store catalog.

Here is a wide range of models for everyday training and important competitions. All things are distinguished by increased wear resistance, hygroscopicity and comfort while wearing.

You can order the model you like on the website of the store or in our showroom in Kharkov. Delivery of the purchase across the territory of Ukraine is carried out by the services of Nova Poshta.

By choosing SHOK-SHOP branded products, be sure of your originality and grace.